Argentina is a country of contrasts, where cosmopolitan cities coexist with rugged landscapes, passionate culture, and rich history. Whether you want to dance the night away in Buenos Aires, marvel at the glaciers of Patagonia, explore the deserts and mountains of the north, or enjoy the world-class cuisine and wine, Argentina has something for everyone. Experience the thrill of tango, the passion of fútbol, the beauty of gaucho culture, and the majesty of the Andes in this diverse and captivating destination. Here are some of the reasons why Argentina is the perfect destination for adventure and exploration:

1. The main cities

Argentina's main cities offer a variety of attractions, from historical monuments and museums to vibrant nightlife and shopping. Here are some of the most popular cities to visit:

  • Buenos Aires: The capital and largest city of Argentina, Buenos Aires is a metropolis of elegance, culture, and energy. It is famous for its architecture, which blends European and Latin American styles, its lively neighborhoods, such as La Boca and Palermo, its artistic and musical scene, and its gastronomy, which reflects the diverse influences of its immigrants. Buenos Aires is also the birthplace of tango, the sensual dance that can be seen and learned in many venues across the city.
  • Bariloche: Located in the Lake District of Patagonia, Bariloche is a picturesque town surrounded by mountains, forests, and lakes. It is a popular destination for outdoor activities, such as hiking, skiing, kayaking, and fishing. Bariloche is also known for its chocolate, which can be tasted in many shops and cafes. Bariloche is the gateway to the Nahuel Huapi National Park, which boasts stunning scenery and wildlife.
  •  Mendoza: The heart of Argentina's wine country, Mendoza is a city of green parks, tree-lined streets, and sunny weather. It is the ideal base for exploring the vineyards and wineries of the region, which produce some of the best Malbecs in the world. Mendoza is also close to the Aconcagua Provincial Park, where the highest peak in the Americas, Cerro Aconcagua, is located. Adventurous travelers can try mountaineering, rafting, or horseback riding in this spectacular area.

 2. The tourist attractions

Argentina has many natural and cultural wonders that attract visitors from all over the world. Some of the most impressive tourist attractions are:

  •  Iguazú Falls: One of the largest and most spectacular waterfalls in the world, Iguazú Falls is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that spans the border between Argentina and Brazil. The falls consist of 275 cascades that plunge into the Iguazú River, creating a breathtaking spectacle of sound and color. The Argentine side of the falls offers several trails and viewpoints, as well as a train ride and a boat ride to get closer to the water. The highlight is the Devil's Throat, a massive U-shaped drop that is the most powerful and impressive of the falls .
  •  Perito Moreno Glacier: Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, Perito Moreno Glacier is one of the most accessible and dynamic glaciers in the world. It is located in the Los Glaciares National Park in Patagonia, and covers an area of 250 square kilometers. The glacier advances and retreats constantly, creating spectacular ice formations and calving events, where huge chunks of ice break off and fall into the lake. Visitors can admire the glacier from various platforms and walkways, or take a boat tour or a guided ice trekking tour on the glacier itself .
  •  La Recoleta Cemetery: A unique and fascinating attraction in Buenos Aires, La Recoleta Cemetery is a city of the dead, where the rich and famous of Argentina are buried. The cemetery contains over 6,000 elaborate mausoleums, statues, and monuments, some of which date back to the 18th century. The cemetery is also the resting place of some of Argentina's most notable figures, such as Eva Perón, the former first lady and icon of the nation, and Jorge Luis Borges, the renowned writer and poet .

 3. The hotels

Argentina offers a wide range of accommodation options, from budget hostels and guesthouses to luxury hotels and resorts. Depending on your preferences and budget, you can find the perfect place to stay in any destination. Here are some examples of hotels in Argentina, both cheap and expensive:

  • Hostel Estoril: A cozy and friendly hostel in the center of Buenos Aires, Hostel Estoril offers comfortable rooms, a rooftop terrace, a communal kitchen, and a breakfast buffet. The hostel is close to many attractions, such as the Obelisk, the Congress, and the Avenue 9 de Julio. The hostel also organizes free walking tours, tango classes, and pub crawls for its guests. The price for a dorm bed is around $10 USD per night.
  • Llao Llao Hotel & Resort: A luxurious and elegant hotel in Bariloche, Llao Llao Hotel & Resort is a landmark of the Lake District. The hotel is located on a hilltop overlooking the Nahuel Huapi Lake and the Andes Mountains, and offers stunning views from every room. The hotel features a golf course, a spa, a heated pool, and several restaurants and bars. The hotel also offers a variety of activities, such as skiing, biking, fishing, and kayaking. The price for a double room is around $300 USD per night.
  •  Entre Cielos: A modern and stylish hotel in Mendoza, Entre Cielos is a boutique hotel that specializes in wine and wellness. The hotel is surrounded by vineyards and mountains, and offers a relaxing and romantic atmosphere. The hotel has a spa, a hammam, a pool, and a wine cellar. The hotel also produces its own wine, the Marantal, which can be tasted and bought on site. The price for a double room is around $200 USD per night.

 4. The shopping

Argentina is a great destination for shopping, as it offers a variety of products, from leather goods and handicrafts to wine and chocolate. You can find many shops, markets, and malls in the main cities, as well as local vendors and artisans in the rural areas. Here are some of the best places to shop in Argentina:

  •  San Telmo Market: A traditional and colorful market in the historic neighborhood of San Telmo in Buenos Aires, San Telmo Market is a must-see for any visitor. The market is held every Sunday, and sells antiques, souvenirs, art, books, and more. The market is also a lively place, where street performers, musicians, and tango dancers entertain the crowds.
  •  Mamuschka: A chocolate lover's paradise in Bariloche, Mamuschka is a famous chocolate shop that offers a wide range of delicious and high-quality chocolates. You can find chocolates of all shapes, sizes, and flavors, from truffles and pralines to bars and bonbons. You can also try the hot chocolate, the ice cream, and the cakes at the cafe. Mamuschka has several branches in Bariloche and other cities in Argentina.
  •  The Vines of Mendoza: A wine lover's dream in Mendoza, The Vines of Mendoza is a wine shop and tasting room that offers a selection of over 100 wines from the region. You can taste and buy wines from different wineries, regions, and styles, and learn about the history and culture of wine in Argentina. You can also join a wine tour, a wine class, or a wine blending session at the shop.

 5. The meals and restaurants

  • Argentina is a gastronomic destination, where you can enjoy the flavors and traditions of its cuisine. The main staples of Argentine food are meat, especially beef, and wine, especially Malbec. You can also find influences from Italian, Spanish, and indigenous cuisines, as well as regional specialties. Here are some of the best meals and restaurants in Argentina:
  • Asado: The quintessential Argentine meal, asado is a barbecue of various cuts of meat, such as ribs, sausages, and steaks, cooked over a wood or charcoal fire. Asado is usually accompanied by salads, bread, and chimichurri, a sauce of parsley, garlic, vinegar, and oil. Asado is more than a meal, it is a social event, where friends and family gather to share food and conversation.
  •  La Cabrera: One of the best places to try asado in Buenos Aires, La Cabrera is a renowned steakhouse that serves succulent and tender meat, along with a variety of side dishes and sauces. The portions are generous, the service is friendly, and the atmosphere is cozy. La Cabrera also offers a happy hour, where you can get a 40% discount on your bill.
  •  Empanadas: A typical Argentine snack, empanadas are pastry pockets filled with various ingredients, such as meat, cheese, corn, or spinach. Empanadas are baked or fried, and can be found in many bakeries, cafes, and street stalls. Empanadas are also a regional specialty, as each province has its own version and recipe. Some of the most famous empanadas are from Salta, Tucumán, and Córdoba.
  • - El Cuartito: One of the oldest and most popular pizzerias in Buenos Aires, El Cuartito is a classic spot to enjoy a slice of pizza and a glass of beer. The pizza is thick and cheesy, with a variety of toppings, such as ham, olives, mushrooms, and peppers. The pizzeria is also decorated with posters and memorabilia of sports, politics, and celebrities, creating a lively and nostalgic atmosphere.
  •  Locro: A hearty and comforting stew, locro is a traditional dish that dates back to the pre-Columbian times. Locro is made with corn, beans, potatoes, squash, and meat, such as beef, pork, or chorizo. Locro is usually eaten on national holidays, such as May 25th and July 9th, as a symbol of patriotism and unity.
  •  La Pena del Colorado: A cozy and authentic restaurant in Buenos Aires, La Pena del Colorado is a place to enjoy the flavors and music of the north of Argentina. The restaurant serves dishes such as locro, humita, and tamales, as well as grilled meats and salads. The restaurant also features live performances of folk music, such as zamba, chacarera, and gato, and invites guests to join the dance floor.

 6. The transportation

Argentina is a large and diverse country, and getting around can be a challenge. However, there are many options for transportation, depending on your budget, time, and destination. Here are some of the most common ways to travel in Argentina:

  •  Plane: Flying is the fastest and most convenient way to travel long distances in Argentina, especially to remote areas such as Patagonia and Iguazú. There are several domestic airlines that operate flights between the main cities and tourist attractions, such as Aerolíneas Argentinas, LATAM, and Flybondi. The prices vary depending on the season, the route, and the demand, so it is advisable to book in advance and compare different options.
  •  Bus: Taking the bus is the most popular and economical way to travel in Argentina, as there is an extensive network of bus companies that cover almost every destination in the country. The buses are comfortable and safe, and offer different levels of service, from standard to executive. The buses also have amenities such as reclining seats, air conditioning, TV, and snacks. The bus tickets can be bought online, at the bus terminals, or at the travel agencies.
  •  Train: Traveling by train is a scenic and nostalgic way to see Argentina, as the trains pass through some of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes in the country. However, the train service is limited and irregular, and only connects some of the major cities and regions, such as Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Rosario, and Tucumán. The trains are also slower and less frequent than the buses, so they are not the best option for time-sensitive travelers.
  • Car: Renting a car is a flexible and adventurous way to explore Argentina, as it allows you to set your own pace and itinerary, and discover off-the-beaten-path places. However, driving in Argentina can be challenging and risky, as the roads are not always in good condition, the traffic can be chaotic, and the distances can be long. You also need to have a valid driver's license, an international driving permit, and a credit card to rent a car in Argentina.

 7. Tips for travelers

Argentina is a friendly and welcoming country, where travelers can enjoy a rich and diverse experience. However, there are some tips and advice that can help you make the most of your trip and avoid any problems or inconveniences. Here are some of the most important tips for travelers in Argentina:

  •  Currency and exchange: The official currency of Argentina is the Argentine peso (ARS), which can be exchanged at the banks, the exchange houses, or the ATMs. However, the exchange rate can fluctuate significantly, and there is often a shortage of US dollars in the market. Therefore, it is advisable to bring some cash in US dollars or euros, and exchange them at the official or unofficial (blue) rate, depending on the situation. You can also use credit or debit cards, but be aware of the fees and the taxes that may apply.
  • Safety and security: Argentina is generally a safe and peaceful country, but there are some areas and situations that require caution and common sense. You should avoid walking alone at night, especially in dark or isolated places, and keep an eye on your belongings, as pickpocketing and petty theft are common in crowded areas, such as public transport, markets, and tourist attractions. You should also be careful with scams and frauds, such as fake money, taxi meters, and street vendors. If you encounter any problem or emergency, you can call the police (911), the fire department (100), or the ambulance (107).
  •  Culture and etiquette: Argentina is a warm and hospitable country, where people are friendly and sociable. You can expect to be greeted with a kiss on the cheek, a hug, or a handshake, depending on the level of familiarity and the gender. You can also expect to be invited to share a mate, a traditional infusion of yerba mate leaves and hot water, which is a symbol of friendship and hospitality. However, you should also respect some of the cultural norms and customs, such as being punctual, dressing appropriately, tipping generously, and avoiding sensitive topics, such as politics, religion, and the Falklands War.


Argentina is a country that offers a unique and unforgettable experience for travelers of all kinds. Whether you are looking for adventure, culture, nature, or gastronomy, you will find it in this amazing and diverse destination. Argentina is a country that will surprise you, delight you, and make you fall in love with its beauty and charm. Don't miss the opportunity to discover Argentina, the perfect destination for adventure and exploration.